Danny Hawkins


Danny is the Managing Director of Powerhouse, and is the manager of all equipment - ensuring everything is up and running, and neatly where it should be. If you need anything in the studio, he's the man to go to! People say he sounds a bit like he should be on EastEnders. 

Luke Archer


Luke is the Manager at Powerhouse. He has over 6 years experience in professionally recording, mixing and producing music and video. He is an accomplished vocalist/ frontman, known amongst bands in the industry. He also plays too many video games (socialising is overrated!)

Jack Lowden


Jack is a sound engineer at Powerhouse, with years of experience and a Masters Degree in Music Production from the London College of Music. He has an extensive knowledge of audio and acoustics, as well as being a multi-instrumentalist. He's also the social media manager, but otherwise generally useless.

Sam Brice
Alex Hart
JC Carrol


Sam is a rehearsal space supervisor and audio producer at powerhouse. Playing drums since age 11, Sam developed a passion for performing, writing, producing and even DJ’ing, eventually getting a degree in Music Technology at Huddersfield Uni. You may find him in the office watching 'The Chase' on his laptop.


JC is the frontman of the Members, and has been playing across europe for decades! Having worked as a producer on numerous projects over the years he's now joined the team as one of our seniour producers, getting a great 70's sound out of the studio. Watch out for the chains on his neck, they might knock you out!


Alex is the in-house tutor and owner of Just Play. The sister company of Powerhouse helps students to learn guitar, bass, drums, vocals and more. For more info visit the Partners tab!

Powerhouse lives by one simple word: Provide. Whatever you need, we will always do our best to supply, whether that's borrowing equipment, setting up your own equipment, or getting a certain result from recordings. 
Powerhouse was taken over by Danny in 2017 and has since become one of the most used rehearsal spaces in Surrey. Since then, the studio entered all other areas of audio and video, becoming a one-stop-shop for bands to utilise for their growth.


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The studio is based in Addlestone, which has 6 large rehearsal studio  and 1 recording studio built from the ground up to provide spacious areas for bands to rehearse, record and do anything the band needs to get themselves up and running for the industry. 


Powerhouse studios is located on the Surrey/London border. We have close access to the M25, A3, and M3, and are only a 5 minutes walk from Byfleet and New Haw station on the main line - 40 mins from Waterloo.


We have easy access loading bay and ample parking directly outside - even for tour coaches!

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At Powerhouse we now have a choice of 7 rehearsal rooms ranging from 20 square metres to 70 square metres our largest room, which will comfortably accommodate up to an 18 piece orchestra. 

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Whatever your PA needs we can provide them. From a dry hire of microphones, stands etc to 6K of HK Audio active speakers tops, mid range and subs. Up to 5 way monitoring options including drum fill. Comprehensive microphone catalogue including AKG, Shure, senheiser etc all microphones, delivery and engineers for a crowd of up to 2000 people

Whether you want a live demo or a polished multitrack production with overdubs powerhouse has the facilities to produce a high definition quality recording that will impress your potential employers, or Album multitracking and production/mastering to broadcast standard.

Powerhouse provides a range of video services from music videos to band demos and even green screen effects. Get in touch about any digital material your band needs and we can give a quote!