Recording At Powerhouse


Powerhouse studios offer a wide range of recording solutions:

  • Multi track full production and mastering

  • High quality live recording for demo or album purposes

  • Backing tracks with vocal overdubs

  • Voice overs

  • Dance Music and DJ sets


Gear Overview


  • Audient 80/24 36 channel hi resolution analogue Console with SSL comps  

  • Audient and Focusrite interfaces

  • Outboard or software based mastering

  • Wide and comprehensive microphone catalogue

  • Large 9 x 6 metre live room and separate drum room if required

  • Our studio 1 has large green screen facility for video


Production Engineers


Our chief production Engineer Rob Stanbury has worked in the industry for many years and has experience of working with many signed and professional bands and will be able to engineer and manage your session with the benefit of great expertise and time management making the most of your project and finishing it to the highest standard

We will happily consult with you before your session and will be able to provide you with many examples of previous works and styles giving you a clear idea of our capabilities before you start


Our basic rates for recording are £40 per hour


Minimum session £175


Day rate £350

Please call us for further details as we may be able to offer certain deals for different types of project and are also able to offer student Rates at certain times

Let us give you a quote for your recording project. Please provide as much information as possible such as whether you are recording to backing tracks or instruments, how many people and how many tracks you want to record.

Thanks! Message sent.